About Us!

Hello there! Bodhi’s Vape Shop was founded in September of this year. It was a vision long before then. Bodhi’s is a small local shop located in beautiful downtown Biloxi at the corners of Irish Hill Dr and Porter Ave. We specialize in selling only the best products. We carry starter kits, mods, tanks, accessories and supplies. We also carry over 50 premium e-juices that you can try before you buy at our custom made tasting bar. We chose to have the tasting bar because there were many times when I bought e-juice that “sounded” good but once I got it home it was a different story and then I was stuck with a flavor I didn’t like. Yuck!
A few years ago when I was smoking over two packs of cigarettes a day I bought my first vape in hopes of at least reducing the amount of cigarettes I was smoking. I was amazed how well that vaping helped. Even though vaping helped I didn’t stick to it. Last year I was in the hospital twice for COPD. Smoking was literally killing me. About a year ago I got into vaping hardcore and stopped smoking cold turkey. It then became my mission in life to help save other people’s lives. I’ve always wanted to do something to really make a major change in a person’s life so when I got the opportunity to open my own business I knew it had to be a vape shop. I also knew that I wanted a friendly and laid back atmosphere and that’s why we chose to have a warehouse theme complete with a sofa and two TV’s. We wanted Bodhi’s to be more of a lounge than just an in/out retail shop. Our focus is our customers and keeping them happy. If there is a particular product/juice that you want and we don’t have a satisfying substitute we will custom order it for you. Just let us know. We usually have a daily special and we give a 15% military discount.
Want to know what the name “Bodhi’s” means? Well, for that you’ll have to come in and ask. My name is Roxane and I am the sole owner/salesperson at Bodhi’s. I look forward to meeting you soon! Any questions? You can call me at (228) 967-7882, come by 1070B Irish Hill Dr, Biloxi MS 39530. Or visit us on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp or Instagram. So no excuses…hahahaha.